White Clay Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

Skin blemishes can be countered effectively by the beauty masks for the face. Many women take appointment in beauty salons to do just a mask to the face and other purchase commercial products with high costs. And possible, however, create their own meaningful treatments, making the face masks do it yourself, only with natural products with beneficial effects .

There are so many reasons that should lead each of us to use natural masks . Dry skin can benefit from this type of treatment, returning moisturized and soft skin young and supple will return, will be protected from external factors, will prevent redness and cracking, and of course the face is cleansed, because most of the toxins will be eliminated.

White clay face mask for sensitive skin
White clay face mask for sensitive skin

The natural masks do it yourself you can make are endless. It is therefore necessary to choose, according to your skin and depending on the imperfection that you want to fight, what is the best treatment to which undergo.

For those who have dry, delicate and sensitive skin, recommend a natural white clay face mask. The white clay is used because it has healing properties, absorbing and exciting and is good to fight skin dryness .

Prepare the natural face mask with white clay is very simple: it poses in a white clay pot ( about 30 grams ), to which you add two or three tablespoons of orange blossom water. You choose this particular ingredient especially for its invigorating properties .

At this point you just mix everything together until you get a homogeneous cream. To enrich the treatment you can add two or three drops of chamomile essence and two or three drops of essential oil of orange, both useful for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Before preparing a clay mask, you must obtain plastic containers or ceramic, metal ones are not recommended because they may alter the product. Even the spoons to mix the dough clay should be wood so as to avoid metal spoons. The first thing to do is re-hydrate the clay dust gradually adding water. Once you add the liquid, you may want to start mixing the dough after the first 15-20 minutes, so as to leave the clay long enough to slowly incorporate the water and hydrate naturally. This avoids altering the final consistency of the mask.

As always, remember that the face masks DIY are not suitable for all skin types, but it is necessary to evaluate each case. We recommend repeating the treatment with white clay two or three times a week.