Homemade oatmeal and honey face mask for acne

Oatmeal and honey face mask for acne

I used to have the same problems as you and the majority of people your own age. I remember looking all over the internet trying to figure out how to cure acne fast at home. Then one day I came across something that changed my life (my life in high school at least) and my skin forever! Oatmeal.
But, oatmeal really work? Does it do any good on your skin? As you read every word of this article you will understand how oatmeal and honey face mask for acne works and how to use it effectively.

Let's take a quick look at what causes acne.

Acne is basically caused by natural skin oils, dirt and bacteria that loves dirt and oil. It's kind of ugly if you think about it, but do not worry, continue to follow along. So, what happens is that for the whole day outside leather makes this oil. This oil combines with dirt on your face and in our environment that makes it an ideal place for bacteria to live and multiply. When the time of oil, dirt and bacteria enters our pores and clogs into them. This is where the points blacks, pimples, zits and come from. Now, we know how acne is formed and what the main cause of it is, we can begin to understand how to stop it.

Oatmeal and honey face mask for acne
Oatmeal and honey face mask for acne

This is where you enter into oatmeal and honey face mask for acne.

Well, I must say the mask of oatmeal and honey.It 's very simple to make oatmeal and honey face mask for acne, just cook some oatmeal, mix it with a little honey and apply on the face. Leave it for about 20 minutes or so, and clean with warm water. We know it works, I know from personal experience, the question becomes of them: Why does it work? Let us oatmeal for a while. Oatmeal is dry, so you have to mix with water for cooking, if you can not just eat out of the box, right? So, oatmeal absorbs water. When you put on your face, it begins to dry. As it dries, it sucks up all that is around it. Whether it's water, oil, dirt, dead skin and bacteria whatever it is. This is called exfoliating your skin. As all evil, nasty stuff off your face and out of the pores. This is what every mask on the market is trying to do. Oatmeal does a great job with this. But this is only half the equation. The other important part is the honey. Honey is a natural antibiotic.

This homemade facial masks for acne is super natural so you don't have to worry about the negative side effects of this home made face mask. Oatmeal and honey face mask for acne is easy to do, cheap ingredients that you can easily find in your local market. Try it and who know it might work well on you and if you have any feedback or comments after testing this natural face masks, you can come back and share it with us here. Thanks for visiting today and see you next post.

Last updated: Nov 2, 2015