Homemade Papaya Face Mask For All Skin Types

Today we would like to introduce you DIY papaya face mask. To prepare for this homemade face mask we only need a papaya and two tablespoons of natural yogurt, nothing more. All ingredients you can easily find in your supermarket with a little of spending your money and getting a great result.

Papaya face mask
How to make homemade papaya face mask.
Put in a blender the pulp of the papaya and yogurt, blend them well until you get a compound compact, but be careful not to overdo it, just only make them easy to spread on the face.

How to apply natural papaya face mask.
After cleaning your face with the right products for your skin type, apply this DIY papaya facial mask on your face, but beware area around your eyes.

After you spread papaya face mask on over your face, leave it there for about 5 minutes and then removing it with warm water.

It is an excellent homemade face mask for every skin type except for those very have sensitive skin type, so be careful not to use it if you have a skin belonging to the latter category.

A simple idea well worth trying because it is able to moisturize the skin and remove dead skin cells from the face.