Manuka Honey Mask for Acne Recipe

The Manuka Honey against acne

Now receive many requests for the application of Manuka honey for topical use , especially with regard to skin problems such as acne.

We know now that the Manuka Honey contains methylglyoxal , which is the main responsible for its extraordinary antibacterial activity. In addition, the honey penetrates into the skin and kills bacteria and heals the infection and since Manuka honey has a moisturizing factor , leaves no scars and keeps your skin nice and soft .

Manuka honey can be applied as a homemade face mask and as a detergent . We discover its practical applications as shown below :
Honey Mask for Acne

Manuka Honey Mask for Acne :

One of the main uses of Manuka honey for acne is to use it as a facial mask . The honey mask for acne is very effective to remove impurities due to acne . You can do a mix of Manuka honey with jojoba oil and apply as a facial mask for half an hour . Remove it to discover a face clean and bright . Gradually this face mask helps to cleanse the pores and smooth the skin.

Manuka Honey as a Facial Cleanser :

Honey is generally an excellent skin cleanser and Manuka honey is the best among all. To apply honey as a facial cleanser , you must follow these steps :

  •     Manuka honey is creamy , so be sure to have your hair combed and tied back to prevent sticking.
  •     Sprinkle the skin with warm water to open the pores.
  •     Take a quantity of honey and spread it on your face gently in a circular motion .
  •     Massage gently and evenly with the fingertips and hold on for 5 minutes.
  •     After that, once again use hot water and wash away the honey from the face .
  •     Now use cold water to wash your face . This closes the open pores of the skin.
  •     Done regularly , will clean the dirt from the facial skin and keep it healthy .

Manuka Honey to Remove Acne Scars :

The ugly marks left by acne can be very difficult to deal with. Manuka honey can be used for the treatment of these signs in a certain extent, but there will likely take time to show positive effects .

The best remedy for acne scars is to first of all to prevent them. If the acne is not touched with the hands, these ugly marks can be avoided to a large extent . Then, apply Manuka honey first of all to remove the infection so that it does not lead to scarring. For the imperfections already present , you can apply Manuka honey for a certain period and check if you are really working . Some positive effects you can definitely see if it is applied consistently.