Homemade Strawberry Face Mask Recipe for Smooth and Soft Facial Skin

Like all fruit strawberry composed mainly of water , the strawberry is very good for the body. It's good because it fosters the purification and diuresis as foster hydration.

The skin and the line benefit from the consumption of strawberries, because we can eat as many as we want without fear of gaining weight and taking advantage of their properties.

Strawberry face mask

Properties of Strawberries

As regards cosmetics , the use of strawberries does not stop the need to moisturize the skin, especially with regard to the facial skin . With strawberries , in fact, helps the skin to remain or become smooth and very soft, with great advantage to those who have dry skin problems . It also seems that the juice extracted from the strawberries, crushing them by hand or in a food processor , either help both as prevention and as a remedy for sunburn .

The Ingredient for The Strawberry Face Mask

To achieve a beautiful strawberry face mask , colorful and scented , it takes another ingredient to ' tie ' , giving the pulp of strawberries the right consistency . The consistency is ideal for a mask that can be spread easily on the face, compact substances such as cream, yogurt or honey. The cream, in particular, matches very well to strawberries, there is no risk that face acid because it is a well proven recipe, and can be both liquid and fresh. The honey is a good alternative, because of its dense nature , compact, which penetrates deep into the skin and provides great nourishment.

Preparation of Strawberry Face Mask

Mix the pulp from a dozen medium-sized strawberries in a tablespoon of cream or honey. Continue to mix , adding other appropriate cream or other honey until it is obtained a compound which has the typical appearance of a mask. Then spread it on the face, avoiding the eye area, and leave on for 15-20 minutes. As usual, the ideal would start rinsing with warm or hot water, and end with a round of cold water and a thin layer of moisturizer, which completes the softening action of the mask.

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