DIY Tomato Face Mask Recipes

From many points of view, the tomato is a vegetable rich in substances beneficial to health and well-being of the organism.

Vitamins , potassium, lycopene , fiber are all substances that make it an ally of the human body both on and off the table.

The tomato juice is recommended after such booze to fight the negative marks left by a wild night because of its digestive capacity. It often appears among the ingredients of cosmetic products although it is not advertised much in this direction.

Similarly, why not prepare a beautiful face mask made from tomatoes to offer to your skin nourishment , hydration and a good antioxidant action ? The ideal is to use those red and juicy which are also easier to crush without using a blender.

Tomato Face Mask

The Properties of The Tomato

The skin will gain on many benefits because according to experts and scholars with tomato you can meet a diversity of needs . We spoke of its antioxidant properties and the consequent ability to help the skin stay young, but that's not all. It seems that the tomato face mask can also fight with pimples, oily skin and provides nourishment to dry skin. As for the young and healthy skin , which does not require specific actions , the tomato facial mask simply helps to keep such, with its load of vitamins and minerals.

How to Prepare The Tomato Face Mask for Healthy Skin

If the tomato is great, it only takes one, and if you use the Cherry it takes a few more, depending on the size . Wash them well, remove the seeds and water, vegetation, and pass them in a food processor or blender, so as to obtain a puree. This tomato puree is then distributed over the entire face , neck and eye area excluded. To remove the this homemade face mask , using cotton pads or cotton wool. The water should be warm because at high temperatures to remove the tomato is better . Maybe you can remove the bulk and then proceed with the water. This tomato face mask you can do once a week , but sometimes you can do it every two days to have good results if you do not have any particular problems.

Tomato Face Mask for Acne Recipe

People who suffer from acne can use this homemade tomato mask for acne to try to fight it. All you have in this recipe is tomato as the main ingredient, which can be useful for adjusting the amount of oiliness of the skin.

Are you tired of using the same tricks without results against acne? Then you can bring with this homemade acne mask, which can help you a lot useful to combat it. Here is the recipe.


     two tomatoes
     Two tablespoons of sugar
     One tablespoon of lemon juice


Chop the tomatoes (without the skin) and add the lemon juice and two tablespoons of sugar. You can blend them with electronic blender. If you feel that it stays too liquid, you can add some cream. Do not use the seeds.

Once the mask is ready, you will need to simply apply it on the face or on the area where you want to fight acne. Leave on for 15 minutes before removing and applying at least three times a week. You'll see that the tomato face mask has an excellent ability to adjust the fat of the skin and help along with the lemon and sugar to exfoliate your face, eliminate dead cells and blackheads.