Homemade Pineapple Facial Mask

Pineapple is a  very useful fruit for the skin because it is rich in substances that help to regenerate.

The main property of pineapple is purifying, which is helpful for all skin types, avail themselves of the opportunity to eliminate toxins thus making cleaning from the inside.

And not only that , even outside of the results are seen immediately, to the extent that the skin becomes smooth and soft, even after a couple of applications . This is why many ready-made products contain pineapple among their ingredients, because it helps to clean the skin and make it bright. What do you want more from a simple fruit ?
Pineapple facial mask

The Ingredients of Pineapple Facial Mask

The ingredients to prepare the pineapple facial mask are only two : the pineapple and honey. As regards the amount , depends on whether we want to preserve some of the compound to repeat the application shortly. Always remember, in fact, that the preparations DIY do not contain preservatives and are therefore subject to rapid deterioration , even if kept in the refrigerator. In this as in other cases, to keep them for not more than two or three days from the time of preparation. The ideal is to take a few extra minutes to prepare the mask from time to time , partly because it takes very little time . In general, however, 50 grams of pineapple and 1 teaspoon of honey sufficient for an application, bearing in mind that it is better to spread the mask in a thick layer.

How to Prepare the Pineapple Facial Mask

The preparation is very simple: you put the pineapple in a blender or centrifuge the mixture until it is smooth . Then mixed with honey and apply on the face. And now you wait for 10-15 minutes, possibly sitting or lying down. To remove the pineapple facial mask, you can simply use the hands, as does the majority of people, or a tissue, or cotton wool, which is the best solution to remove the mask well without rubbing the skin. Rinsing with water still need : warm water to remove any residue, and the final jet of cold water to stimulate the circulation.